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Roster – Varsity / JV

2019 Marple Newtown Roster

Shane Benedict1Shane BenedictWR / DB6-2170Senior
Charlie Box2Charlie BoxRB/WR / DB5-9170Sophomore
Joe Paoletti3Joe PaolettiQB/WR / DB6-2175JuniorPAY-oh-let-EE
Brian Joslin4Brian JoslinQB/WR / OLB5-10175Junior
Matthew Cantwell5Matthew CantwellQB/WR / OLB6-4180Sophomore
Steven DeCecco6Steven DeCeccoRB / DL/OLB6-0190JuniorDee-CHECK-oh
Eric McKee7Eric McKeeRB/WR / OLB6-1185Sophomore
Cooper Conroy9Cooper ConroyWR / DB5-10150Sophomore
Joey Small10Joey SmallWR / LB6-0180Junior
Cain Tarquini11Cain TarquiniRB / OLB5-9180SeniorTar-queen-EE
Michael Schumacher12Michael SchumacherWR/TE / OLB6-1190SophomoreShoe-mock-her
Tyler Lynch   (C)13Tyler Lynch (C)WR / DB6-0175Senior
Jonny Small14Jonny SmallWR / DB6-1190Sophomore
Owen Mathes15Owen MathesWR/TE / DE6-2195Sophomore
Daniel Donofrio16Daniel DonofrioWR / DB5-10180JuniorDonna-FREE-oh
Neo Vosschulte17Neo VosschulteWR / DB6-4175SophomoreVah-scholt-AYE
Jimmy O18Jimmy O'BrienK / P5-11160Junior
Ryan Simpson19Ryan SimpsonWR / DB5-10170Junior
Demetrious Eaddy20Demetrious EaddyRB / DB5-7155SophomoreEE-Dee
Christian Aquila22Christian AquilaWR / DB5-11160SeniorAh-quil-ah
Jack Hagerty23Jack HagertyWR/H / OLB6-0180Sophomore
Josh Mabry24Josh MabryRB / DB6-0175SeniorMay-bree
John Capello32John CapelloWR / DB5-11165Junior
CJ Lane33CJ LaneRB / LB5-10195Junior
Angelo Luster34Angelo LusterWR/RB / LB6-0170Sophomore
Robbie Reilly   (C)45Robbie Reilly (C)RB / LB6-0180Senior
Ethan Law46Ethan LawOL / DL6-1180Senior
Chris Meiklejohn50Chris MeiklejohnOL / DL6-0185JuniorMichael-John
Cole Thiruselvam51Cole ThiruselvamOL / DL6-0200SeniorTHEER-roo-sel-vim
Brian Foley52Brian FoleyOL / DL5-8200Sophomore
Luke Tarr54Luke TarrOL / DL6-1180Sophomore
Anthony Armento55Anthony ArmentoOL / DL6-2180JuniorAre-ment-oh
Luca Rizzi57Luca RizziOL / LB5-9175SophomoreRizz-EE
Jelani Estes   (C)58Jelani Estes (C)WR / DB6-2190SeniorEss-tez
Johnnie Ebert60Johnnie EbertOL / DL6-3240JuniorEE-bert
Nathan Nguyen62Nathan NguyenOL / DL6-0245SophomoreWin
Josh Jacobs63Josh JacobsOL / DL5-10180Senior
Tasi Kosmatos66Tasi KosmatosOL / DL5-10200SophomoreKos-mot-ohs
Rick Wysocki71Rick WysockiOL / DL6-0250SeniorWhy-sock-EE
Gavin Garbutt73Gavin GarbuttOL / DL6-2220SophomoreGar-but
Joey Goodman74Joey GoodmanOL / DL6-1220Junior
Scott Novak75Scott NovakOL / DL6-0275Junior
Ryan Lain   (C)77Ryan Lain (C)OL / DL5-10270Junior
Tyler Fields78Tyler FieldsOL / DL6-1230Sophomore
Conor Pitcairn81Conor PitcairnWR / DB6-1185SeniorPah-care-in
Matthew Naegele82Matthew NaegeleWR / DB5-8160SophomoreNeg-el
Ed Umoh87Ed UmohWR / DL6-1180JuniorOO-muh
Jason Peterson88Jason PetersonWR / DB5-9150Sophomore
Damien Bogsch89Damien BogschTE / DL6-3200SophomoreBosh

(C) – Team Captains

Head Coach: Chris Gicking

Assistant Coaches: Chris Boggs, Josh Crooks, Matt DeStefano, Harry Gicking, Bob Knapp, Dave Lerro, Tony Lerro, Justin McKeown, Mike Paci, Anthony Paoletti, Pete Rodden, Joe Small, Scott Williams & Zach Young