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Sat, 8/21/21 10 AM at Kennett KHS Stadium TRN Scrimmage
Fri, 8/27/21 7 PM vs. Collingswood HS (NJ) Carey Stadium, Ocean City, NJ TRN Tix: Battle of the Beach
Fri, 9/3/21 7 PM at Strath Haven George L. King Stadium TRN  
Fri, 9/10/21 7 PM at Garnet Valley Moe DeFrank Stadium TRN  
Fri, 9/17/21 7 PM Penncrest Harry Harvey Stadium TRN Youth Night
Fri, 9/24/21 7 PM Haverford Harry Harvey Stadium TRN  
Fri, 10/1/21 7 PM at Radnor Prevost Stadium TRN  
Sat, 10/9/21 1 PM at Lower Merion Arnold Field TRN  
Fri, 10/15/21 7 PM Springfield Harry Harvey Stadium TRN  
Fri, 10/22/21 7 PM Conestoga Harry Harvey Stadium TRN Homecoming
Fri, 10/29/21 7 PM Harriton Harry Harvey Stadium TRN Senior Night
Wed, 11/24/21 6 PM Penncrest Harry Harvey Stadium TRN Turkey Bowl






Roster - Varsity/JV

Photo# Name PosHtWtYearPronunciation
Ryan Simpson1Ryan SimpsonWR / LB5-10175Senior
Charlie Box     (C)2Charlie Box (C)RB / DB5-8175Junior
Joe Paoletti     (C)3Joe Paoletti (C)QB/WR / DB6-1175Senior
Eric McKee4Eric McKeeRB/WR / OLB6-1175Junior
Jonny Small5Jonny SmallWR / DB6-2195Junior
Steven DeCecco6Steven DeCeccoTE / DL6-2190Senior
Matthew Cantwell7Matthew CantwellQB / DL6-4220Junior
Bryan Bogan9Bryan BoganQB / DB5-10170Sophomore
Joey Small     (C)10Joey Small (C)WR / LB6-0180Senior
Jack Hagerty11Jack HagertyH / OLB5-11175Junior
Michael Schumacher12Michael SchumacherWR / LB6-1190Junior
Daniel Donofrio13Daniel DonofrioWR / DB5-10175Senior
Sonny Hy14Sonny HyWR / DB5-9150Sophomore
Matt DeAngelo15Matt DeAngeloWR / LB5-10150Sophomore
Jason Peterson16Jason PetersonWR / DB5-10150Junior
Jack Hamson17Jack HamsonWR / DB5-10150Sophomore
Jimmy O18Jimmy O'BrienK / P5-10175Senior
David Bertoline19David BertolineQB / DB6-0160Freshman
Joey Yukenavitch20Joey YukenavitchWR / DB5-7150Freshman
Nathan Dhunjisha21Nathan DhunjishaWR / DB5-10155Sophomore
Cooper Conroy22Cooper ConroyWR / DB5-11160Junior
Noah McIntire23Noah McIntireTE / LB5-11160Freshman
Brian Joslin24Brian JoslinQB/WR / DB5-10175Senior
Gavin Boyce25Gavin BoyceWR / DB6-0150Sophomore
Paulie Defruscio26Paulie DefruscioRB / DB5-7150Freshman
AJ Diianni27AJ DiianniRB / DB5-6155Sophomore
Kevin Deangelo28Kevin DeangeloWR / DB5-9120Freshman
Jimmy Hally30Jimmy HallyTE / LB5-11165Sophomore
Andrew Richards31Andrew RichardsWR / DB5-8130Freshman
John Capello32John CapelloWR / DB6-0165Senior
CJ Lane33CJ LaneH / LB5-10215Senior
Angelo Luster34Angelo LusterRB / LB5-10175Junior
Michael Favacchia36Michael FavacchiaRB / DB5-7150Freshman
John Pacifico37John PacificoWR / DB5-10155Freshman
Alex Gillan41Alex GillanWR / DB5-8150Freshman
Owen McGovern42Owen McGovernTE / LB5-11175Sophomore
Xavier Russell44Xavier RussellRB / DB5-10160Freshman
Kevin Moran45Kevin MoranWR / DB5-5120Freshman
Justin Garcia46Justin GarciaTE / LB6-2180Sophomore
Chris Meiklejohn50Chris MeiklejohnOL / LB6-0190Senior
Ian Sweeney51Ian SweeneyOL / DL5-7130Freshman
Brian Foley52Brian FoleyOL / DL5-9210Junior
Tyler Avellino54Tyler AvellinoOL / DL5-10160Sophomore
Andrew Kirlin56Andrew KirlinOL / DL6-5265Freshman
Jake McGowan57Jake McGowanOL / DL6-2190Freshman
Alex Chambers58Alex ChambersTE / LB5-10185Freshman
Johnnie Ebert     (C)60Johnnie Ebert (C)OL / DL6-2240Senior
Colin Garbutt61Colin GarbuttOL / DL5-7160Freshman
Nathan Nguyen62Nathan NguyenOL / DL6-0250Junior
Steven Joy63Steven JoyOL / DL5-7170Freshman
Shawn Barry64Shawn BarryOL / DL5-7170Freshman
Anthony Armento65Anthony ArmentoOL / DL6-1220Senior
Tasi Kosmatos66Tasi KosmatosOL / DL5-10190Junior
Sean Stevens67Sean StevensOL / DL5-10220Freshman
Jacob Eck68Jacob EckOL / DL6-0160Freshman
Josh Tiger-Wesley71Josh Tiger-WesleyOL / DL6-0210Sophomore
Gavin Garbutt73Gavin GarbuttOL / DL6-1200Junior
Joey Goodman     (C)74Joey Goodman (C)OL / DL6-0220Senior
Scott Novak75Scott NovakOL / DL6-0280Senior
Gavin Cooney76Gavin CooneyOL / DL6-0180Sophomore
Ryan Lain     (C)77Ryan Lain (C)OL / DL6-4275Senior
Tyler Fields78Tyler FieldsOL / DL6-0220Junior
Jason Bennett80Jason BennettTE / LB6-0175Freshman
PJ Esposito81PJ EspositoWR / LB5-10150Freshman
Daylan Sphabmixay82Daylan SphabmixayWR / DB5-7140Freshman
Vincent Abatangelo84Vincent AbatangeloWR / DB5-10150Freshman
Santino Fortebuono85Santino FortebuonoWR / DB5-7150Freshman
Damien Bogsch86Damien BogschTE / DL6-1185Junior
Ed Umoh87Ed UmohWR / DL6-2210Senior
John Daddario88John DaddarioWR / LB6-0150Freshman
Ty Can89Ty CanWR / DB6-0160Freshman

(C) – Team Captains

Head Coach: Chris Gicking

Assistant Coaches: Chris Boggs, Josh Crooks, Matt DeStefano, Marty Dorsey, Jack Fallows, Rich Gentile, Harry Gicking, Bob Knapp, Dave Lerro, Tony Lerro, Mike Paci, Anthony Paoletti, Pete Rodden, Alex Silverstein, Joe Small, Marcus Weathers, Scott Williams & Zach Young

Marple Newtown Football Staff

Chris Gicking Head Coach
Harry Gicking Assistant Coach
Chris Boggs Assistant Coach
Josh Crooks Assistant Coach
Matt DeStefano  Assistant Coach
Bob Knapp Assistant Coach
Rich Gentile Assistant Coach
Dave Lerro Assistant Coach
Tony Lerro Assistant Coach
Mike Paci Assistant Coach
Anthony Paoletti Assistant Coach
Pete Rodden Assistant Coach
Joe Small Assistant Coach
Scott Williams Assistant Coach
Zach Young Assistant Coach
  Head Athletic Trainer
James Allsman Public Address Announcer & EP, Tigers Radio Network
Dave DiPasqua Play-by-Play Announcer, Tigers Radio Network
Greg Pecko Executive Producer, Tigers Radio Network
Steve Reynolds Color Commentator, Tigers Radio Network
Erik Kelling Director & Engineer, Tigers Radio Network
Samuel Snyderman Community Outreach Director, Tigers Radio Network

Harry Harvey Stadium

Marple Newtown High School’s Harry R. Harvey Stadium is recognized as one of the finest football facilities in Delaware county. The most recent renovation of the field in 2005 included a new artificial playing surface, track, press box, stands, and scoreboard. As part of the school’s 2011-12 renovations, Marple Newtown students now have a new weight room to train in and an updated gymnasium.

In addition to Harry Harvey Stadium, the Tigers also utilize the school’s weight room, training room, and football locker room.


2021 season standings will be available here.


Since 2005, the Tigers Radio Network has compiled and maintained detailed statistics. These are NOT, nor are they intended to be, program/school records.