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Postseason Coverage – Part 3

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By Sam Snyderman & Jim Allsman, Tigers Radio Network
November 13, 2009

In talking to 2006 Marple Newtown football alumni, it is easy to say that they are excited to see another Tiger’s football team make it to the playoffs. This year Marple Newtown has the offensive and defensive game plan that has led them back to the playoffs in 2009. Among many similarities between the teams, the ’06 and the ’09 teams are strong at the offensive line.
“It was a privilege to run behind them,” said 2006 running back John Gallagher, who averaged 6.1 yard per carry in that magical season. Along with John Gallagher, junior John Rutecki (5.3 yards per carry) definitely contributed to the Tiger’s exceptionally potent offense. “They were one of the best (offensive lines) in the district in my opinion,” said running back Steven Giordano averaging 8.5 yards per carry in 2006.
This season, senior co-captain Kevan Strigle is very happy about how his offensive line has performed. It’s obvious they have performed well becauseRyan Duffy and Ryan White have combined for 1,577 yards on 252 carries for Marple Newtown this season.
Duffy, a junior, is 99 yards way from breaking the 1,000 yard mark for the 2009 season.
As for the team preparation for the game, Strigle noted that “There is no free time, my teammates better be at practice playing tough and very physical.” When Strigle was asked about making the playoffs he said he had “mixed emotions” and that it “didn’t sink in for a while.” He also made a special note that the Tigers were “not done yet.”
Kevin Johnson, the Tiger’s quarterback, is preparing for the game versus Owen J. Roberts by “staying focused and happy.” As for the team, Johnson said that “they know what they have to do to win it.”
The Wing-T offensive is one that is run-heavy, and for the Tigers, directed by veteran coach Ray Gionta. Gionta has established himself over the years as a dominant head coach and offensive coordinator. Winning his 100th career game this year against Springfield proves that Ray Gionta is a remarkable head football coach in the Southeast Pennsylvania region.
Owen J. Roberts, by the numbers…
The Wildcats, from the Pioneer League, enter the playoffs with 9-1 record overall under head football coach Tom Barr.
According to, the Wildcats feature player on offense is RB Ryan Brumfield (#22). Brumfield ended the regular season with 251 carries for 2,013 yards (8.02 yards per carry and 201.3 yards per game) and 31 TDs. The next noteworthy back behind Brumfield is Sam Funk who has 40 touches for 289 yards (7.23 yards per carry and 28.9 yards per game) and 3 TDs. Funk is also the leading receiver with 9 catches for 384 yards and 5 TDs.
The Wildcat’s QB, Nate Walters, ended the season 24 for 44 for 584 yards including 4 TDs, and 1 interception.
Walters has fumbled and lost the ball 6 times while Brumfield has 4 fumbles and 3 fumbles lost.
The top three leading tacklers on defense are Sean Moloney (42), Sam Funk (37), and Steve Lawless (37). Mike Nowak and Sean Moloney lead the team in sacks with 3 each a piece. Brumfield leads the team in interceptions with 3 for 70 yards.
The Tigers will have their hands full on defense trying to handle the Wildcat offense and the dominant play of RB Ryan Brumfield. Below are some statistics from the 2009 Marple Newtown regular season that may play a significant part in the outcome of Friday night’s game:
Statistical Category
All Penalties: No. – Yards
42 – 384
Yds Penalized per Game
Offensive Penalties
30 -216
Defensive Penalties
12 – 168
Punt Returns: No. – Yds
10 – 73
Punt Returns – Average
Punt Retruns –TDs
Kick Returns: No. – Yds
25 – 361
Kickoff Returns – Avg
Kickoff Returns – TDs
Punts: No. – Yards
23 – 722
Yards per Punt
Punts inside 20


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