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MN Football Participates in National Library Week with Worrall Elementary Students

By 20 April, 2011August 22nd, 2012No Comments

By Jennifer Kim, Marple Newtown Patch
April 20, 2011

To cap off National Library Week last week, Worrall Elementary School invited Marple Newtown High School‘s football team to help the morning and afternoon kindergarten classes use the school library’s laptops on Friday.

According to Marianne Constan, the Worrall school librarian, the main idea to have the football players at the library was to show the younger students that the library “

is a fun place with lots of things going on all the time, and that you can be an athlete and love reading at the same time.”
The players helped the kindergarteners bring out the laptops to their respective tables where they showed the chilren how to login to the system and access the library’s website as well as other fun links that Constan provided.
“It’s really heartwarming to see them here,” said Constan about the players. “They’re very respectful.”
It was a sight to see with players towering at 6-feet-tall or more in height at the small desks and tables fit for elementary school students, and with the young students coming up to their waists.
For Kenny Smith, a 6-foot-3-inch junior, who plays offensive tackle and defensive end for the Tigers, said this was his second time volunteering at the school for National Library Week.
“I like helping out with the kids and teaching them how to use the computers,” said Smith.
Smith said some of the questions that the students had asked him were where the different computer buttons were and how to access certain sites.
But for Sean Ridinger, a junior, who plays middle linebacker for the team, he admitted most of his questions directed at him were more about football and less about technology.
Ridinger, a second-timer for the library’s National Library Week, said he wanted to come again this year for the kids.
“I liked it a lot last year,” commented Ridinger. “It’s good to get involved and give back to the community. I try to do as much community service as possible. I hope they learn today that technology can help them in the future.”
Coach Ray Gionta said the idea to volunteer as a team came about after looking at some college football programs.
“I saw that they’re always doing some kind of community service events, and I feel like it’s a good lesson,” said Gionta. “If kids get used to that at a younger age as students they’ll be more apt to keep doing it in the future as adults.”
Gionta said the team has been participating in community service events around town for the past seven years and four years for National Library Week at Worrall.
“I think the high school kids get a lot out of it,” said Gionta. “I think it’s an important part of our program and as a team.”
The team took two trips to Worrall, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  The students who visited in the morning included: Jamie Ridinger, Cimirrow Moat, Aaron Bryant, Ed Graham, Brian Barmes and Leon Kasarsky.  The afternoon crew was: KenSmith, Sean Ridinger, Joe Pham, Tom Anista, Craig Hamilton, Chris Kurkian, Corey Power, Anthony Rosario, Tom Panzer and Joe Vegso.