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Marple Newtown School Officials Recognize Tigers Football Player and Coach

By 27 January, 2012August 18th, 2012No Comments

By Jennifer Kim,
January 27, 2012

NEWTOWN SQUARE–At a Marple Newtown School Board meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 24, school board members publicly recognized Marple Newtown High School’s star football player Cimirrow Moat, the team’s speedy running back.
The recognition follows a list of honors the high school senior has recently received for his athleticism and sportsmanship for the 2011 football season. Moat was recently received the Millard Robinson Award, Mini Max Award, and was just named to the All-State Offensive, Third Team.
Though Moat was not present during the recognition ceremony on Tuesday night–he was playing in a basketball game that night–Coach Ray Gionta was able to accept the honor on his behalf.

In addition to Moat, school officials also recognized Gionta for his nine, successful years as head football coach for the Tigers. Under the direction of Gionta, the Tigers have tied the school’s record number of victories with 57 total wins in the school’s history.
Superintendent Merle Horowitz, who presented the awards, stated that Gionta was the “inspiration” behind Moat’s achievements.