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Moat to play in East-West Game

By 8 May, 2012August 18th, 2012No Comments

March 08, 2012

Cimirrow Moat was chosen by Pennsylvania Football Coaches Association to play in the East-West All Star Game. The game will be played on May 6th at 2 PM at Gateway High School in
Monroeville, just outside Pittsburgh.

The East-West game had been an annual occurence since 2001 until last season. The game was not played last year, but the PSFCA expects it to be played annually again with it alternating
to each side of the state.  Next year, the game is tenatively scheduled for Downingtown West High School.  The previous ten games were played in Altoona.

The game got its start when the Pennsylvania Scholastic Football Coaches Association organized a sister game to the Big 33 Game.  The Big 33 Game features the top players in the state against the players from Ohio.  Only 34 players can be selected to represent Pennsylvania, and in a state with a rich football tradition many quality players are left out.  Thus, the PSFCA East -West All Star Game was conceived giving the honor to play in a statewide, prestigious all star game to 68 more players.

Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania has come aboard as the premier sponsor for the event.

Cimirrow is the first Tigers player to participate in the East-West game.  Pete Massaro (2008),  Bill Maas (1980) and Eric Rice (1977) all represented Marple Newtown in the Big 33 Game to cap their high school careers.  Coach Ray Gionta served as an assistant coach for the East-West Game in 2008.

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