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Marple Newtown Football claws Penncrest

By 10 September, 2011August 20th, 2012No Comments

By Richard Weisgrau, Marple Newtown Patch
September 10, 2011

MEDIA—Friday night was a game for Marple Newtown football team to remember. It is not often that a high school team puts 41 unanswered points on the board in a single game. But that is what happened when the Tigers traveled to Penncrest (0-2).

Marple Newtown (2-0) scored seven points in the first quarter, and it looked like the Lions were going to stay in the  game. Then in the second quarter the Tigers added 14 more points. At the same time the Tigers defense held the Lions scoreless. At halftime the the Tigers led, 21-0.
Early in the third quarter it seemed like the Lions might be headed for a comeback when they mounted a sustain drive downfield with a succession of passing and running that seemed to push Marple Newtown off balance. That drive ended with a Tiger interception, which was followed by its own drive that changed the game from a possible contest to a rout. The Tigers went on to add 13 points to their tally by the end of the third quarter.
As the Lions continued to run out of steam, Marple Newtown pulled away for the 41-0 win.
The Tigers played old-fashioned football. They ran the ball well, and their running success was mostly attributable to senior running back Moat Cimmirrow who carried the ball over and over again and accounted for most of the Tigers points.
It is too early in the season to predict anything, but the Tigers play on Friday night warrants paying attention to them. Marple Newtown hosts Strath Haven Sept. 16.