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By: David DiPasqua, Tigers Radio Network

Profile: #7 Abel Hoff

The Marple Newtown Tigers have an array of young talent on their football roster, but one player that has caught the attention of many people is sophomore RB/DB Abel Hoff.

Through four games, Hoff has 53 rushes for 245 yards and 2 touchdowns.  He has also been a versatile option out of the backfield by having 5 receptions for 64 yards.   Defensively, he has also chipped in 8 tackles at the cornerback position.


Football has always been an interest for Hoff, since he was the age of 5.

He grew a passion for football by playing outside with his older brother Dynaurt and his friends, who were 7 or 8 years older than him.

Playing with older children has only made him a tougher person.

In his eyes, his father is a role model because he is the one who inspired him the most.

“He is always giving me tips and ideas on how to improve my game and he is my biggest fan as well as my biggest critic.”

Hoff attempts to model his style of play after Philadelphia Eagle LeSean McCoy for offense and Arizona Cardinal DB Tyrann Mathieu for defense/special teams.

The similarities are there if you watch Hoff play because both players “live off of sharp cuts and use their quickness,” as Hoff said.

Both players are very elusive and dynamic, by having the ability to turn a 5 yard run into a 50 yard run.

On defense and special teams, Hoff loves the aggressive style of play Mathieu endures for his size.

Hoff states that Mathieu ”isn’t afraid to tackle anyone and he makes big plays when you need them most.”


The game that proved to be the a big moment in the season was the 2OT victory over Strath Haven in week two.

That victory gave Marple Newtown their first win of the season, while reflecting upon the character of the team.

“We really dug deep and found out what everyone was made of ,” stated Hoff.

Hoff is still trying to become acclimated to those Friday night lights, as he deals with the transition of moving from freshman team to varsity.

As the season unwinds, he feels that he has become better adjusted and can thank the coaching staff for that.

“No one person alone has helped me with my growth and development. I have to give the credit to all of my coaches. Collectively they all help me to become an overall better football player.”

With that said, Hoff credited QB Tommy Davis and G/DE Markos Katrakazis for the leadership they have provided.

Hoff credits Davis (above) and Katrakazis for their leadership

These two seniors have helped out by “answering questions and leading on the field with their experience” because of the amount of youth on the roster.

Football is a team sport and the Tigers will keep improving week by week.

He continued to say,”I am going to learn as much as i can in practice and try to put it to use on the field Friday nights.”

With the Tigers offense running the Wing-T, Hoff described his role as “the lightning in a thunder and lightning package”.

It is here that Hoff showcases his speed and quickness , by trying to get to the edge.

When asked about playing under those Friday night lights at Harry Harvey Stadium, he answered with “Playing at Harry Harvey stadium is a great , indescribable feeling! I love it  When we run out and the band starts playing its gets my adrenaline pumping and I am ready to go.”

One key concept to understand stand it that there are numerous young players on this Tiger squad receiving valuable experience.

This experience will help the Tigers out not only the rest of this season, but for the upcoming few years.

Hoff’s personal goal for the remainder of the season is to reach 1,000 or more all-purpose yards. High expectations, but obtainable.

The team goal in Hoff’s eyes are to “continue to play hard , gain experience for the younger guys , and to send the seniors out happy”.

His final remarks were for Tiger fans to know that they will be “ giving it their best effort no matter who we are going up against.”

The future looks bright for the Tigers with such a young nucleus.